The credit card solution of the future

Shape Tomorrow's Financial Leaders Today

Equip teens and young adults with the tools they need for optimal credit health. Together, let's lay the foundation for a better financial future. With Kredit Academy, credit unions can attract and retain young members by offering a tailored financial literacy experience.

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Reimagine Credit for the Future

Empowering The Next Generation To Manage Credit Responsibly

An innovative secured credit card designed for first-time credit users. The product can be co-managed by parents (if user is under 18). By emphasizing education over spend, Kredit Academy helps future credit users understand the value and power of a good FICO score.

Our user journey focuses on teaching core foundational concepts over increasing transaction volumes. This ensures a safety net while enabling a practical, hands-on experience in credit management for those inexperienced with managing credit.

The Future of High Yield Accounts

Turn standard deposits into high yield savings, while promoting positive credit habits among the youth. Kredit Academy’s approach allows the funds used to establish the credit line to grow, making every dollar work smarter. Embrace a system that reinforces saving as much as spending.

Credit, Together

Engage with Our Dynamic Rewards Program

Beyond traditional spending, cardholders can earn rewards through activities and learning modules – infusing behavioral science and financial education into everyday actions. Our unique rewards system makes learning about financial topics engaging and practical; setting the stage for long-term financial well-being.

Unlike debit cards that are tied to alternative assets or data, the card is secured to a savings account, and provides parental oversight to ensure you do not use the card irresponsibility.

We make sure you pay off your balance. If you receive a card, and are under 18 you are only able to use up to 30% of the established credit line to ensure positive credit building habits.

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