Welcome to Kredit Academy:

Nurturing Financial Literacy for Tomorrow

At Kredit Academy, we're dedicated to empowering the next generation with robust financial knowledge and skills. Our journey is rooted in the belief that financial literacy is a fundamental life skill, essential for navigating today's world.

Our Mission:

Educating for a Financially Savvy Future

Mission and Vision: Kredit Academy is committed to fostering financial literacy among young adults and children. Our vision is to create a world where financial education is accessible, engaging, and practical, preparing the youth for a successful financial future.

Meet Our Experts:

The Driving Force Behind Kredit Academy

The Kredit Academy team comprises seasoned financial experts, educators, and innovators. Each member brings a unique set of skills and a shared passion for financial education, driving our mission forward.

Evan Leaphart
Mike Gross
COO & Head of Education
Victor Moreno
Ashley Jones
VP of Customer Success
Sreya Kalidindi
Financial Analyst
Ramsés Mendoza
Senior Software Engineer
Daniel Chan
Sales Enablement
Ben Quaye
Head of Compliance
John Saunders
Our Journey

Milestones of Innovation and Education

An illustrative timeline that highlights key moments in Kredit Academy's history. From our initial concept to the launch of our groundbreaking platforms and significant partnerships, each milestone reflects our growth and commitment to financial education.


2021 - Partnered with Equifax

Equifax partners with Kredit Academy as they see Kiddie Kredit’s model as a simple yet exciting way to educate and engage children on the importance of credit history and their financial health. It’s also aligned to Equifax’s vision of increasing financial inclusion and equity.

Kiddie Kredit focuses on taking what kids do every day - chores - and linking that to credit scores. Good behaviors around chores lead to good behaviors in building your credit score,” said Bev Anderson, previous President of Global Consumer Solutions.


2022 - Raised a $1.4M Preseed round

Our first fundraising round counted participation from Nueterra Capital, Plain Sight Capital, Fuerza Ventures, Goodlight Capital and notable angel investors like Dwyane Wade and Baron Davis.

This was used for further R&D efforts to prove out our method and approach towards proactive behavior change around finances, in particular credit.


2023 - Winners of 43North, world's largest startup pitch competition

As winners of the world’s largest startup competition. Our HQ relocated to Buffalo for 2024. With the $1M investment, we look to expand our product offerings beyond pre teens to older audiences as Gen Alpha continues to grow.


2024 - Kredit Academy expands to launch new products

The company is rebranded to Kredit Academy with Kiddie Kredit a product line of the company. With a suite of financial wellness products to offer, we aim to help financial institutions drive early engagement with younger members.

With additional partnerships formed with M&T Bank as well as Discover, stay tuned for what Kredit Academy has in store.