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Unleash Your Financial Superpowers

Kredit Quest is a dynamic, all-ages financial literacy platform. It's  designed to make learning about finances engaging and accessible for  everyone, turning complex concepts into manageable, enjoyable lessons.

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Interactive Learning: Your Path to Financial Mastery

At the heart of Kredit Quest is its interactive learning module. This  feature combines gamified content with real-world financial scenarios to  create an immersive educational experience.

Transform Knowledge into Power

Builds a strong foundation in financial literacy for all age groups.

Enhances decision-making skills through practical, scenario-based learning.

Provides a fun, engaging way to understand complex financial concepts.

Answering Your Queries: Everything You Need to Know about Kredit Quest

What is Kredit Quest?

While Kiddie Kredit is intended for kids under 12, Kredit Quest is a learning journey for all ages. Think Duolingo for finance, the app can be used as a standalone experience or integrated with an existing product as a way to reward users for learning.

How do I use Kredit Quest with my organization?

It's simple, we tailor the product based on your needs. After an initial call, we determine how Kredit Quest will integrate best with your current use case.

How do you determine what they learn?

We use an AI based learning journey where we deliver age appropriate content in addition to a learning experience that meets the user where they are at. As they demonstrate learnings the content and scope will increase.

"We chose Kredit Academy as a financial literacy partner the moment we saw the capabilities of Kredit Quest. We believe in their approach to proactive financial education and look forward to our continued work together."

Erin Komorowski
EVP, Sustainability, M&T Bank
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