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Making Financial Learning Fun for Kids!

Kiddie Kredit is a revolutionary app designed to teach children the basics of financial literacy in a fun, engaging way. By turning chores and tasks into credit-building activities, it makes learning about money management an interactive and rewarding experience for kids.

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Interactive Fun: Learning Finances Through Play

One of the key features of Kiddie Kredit is its interactive learning modules, designed with child-friendly language and visuals. These modules transform chores into credit-scoring opportunities, teaching children the value of hard work and responsibility.

Building a Strong Financial Foundation

Encourages children to develop healthy money habits early.

Enhances understanding of basic financial concepts in an age-appropriate way.

Provides a practical, enjoyable way for children to learn about earning and saving.

Answering Your Queries: Everything You Need to Know about Kiddie Kredit

What is Kiddie Kredit?

Kiddie Kredit is a mobile chore tracking app that helps introduce kids under 12 the concept of credit through everyday chores and activities.

How does it teach about credit?

The app teaches about credit through everyday chores activities. Missed chores are like missed payments and the longer you've had a chore is like the longer you've had a credit card similar to how FICO scores are calculated.

What are the rewards about?

Most chore tracking apps are based solely on allowance. We wanted to provide a reward system that is totally up to the parent just in case they don't pay an allowance. Bamboo Bucks are the rewards points that are earned from chore completion and can be used for either monetary or non-monetary rewards depending on the parent.

I understand how it works for families at home but how do organizations use it?

We have a separate web dashboard for organizations to interact directly with families. As long as the parent/guardian grants permission they can add activities and rewards to the family app, helping build stronger engagement with the family unit. This product helps establish a long term and trustworthy relationship with the entire family. It takes a village to raise a child!

"As a parent, I'm thrilled with how Kiddie Kredit has sparked my son's interest in financial literacy. The app makes understanding money management fun and interactive, and I've seen a real improvement in his approach to chores and savings."

Parent of a 9-year-old user
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